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Jwalan Muktika School for Illumination | Blog
Jwalan Muktika School for Illumination | Blog
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Magic of the spring equinox

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This year’s spring equinox is March 20, 2018. The magic of the equinox is that light and dark are nearly equal. The sun rises precisely in the east and sets precisely in the west.


Different cultures celebrate the season by performing ceremonies. In India, Holi is celebrated, and Persians celebrate Nowruz. Both involve a lot of dancing and celebrating of the coming spring.


In native tradition, the spring equinox meant asserting the warrior within. This meant that, by cleansing, a person would be able to have a greater self-expression and expand new endeavors in life.


In all the traditions, it means we have new opportunities and a rebirth for the spiritual being.




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Changing climate

  |   Blog

From extreme hot and cold to hurricanes and tornadoes, the weather that the world has been experiencing is dangerous and heartbreaking. There is a change occurring on the planet, and we need to have a greater awareness of weather and climate.


We live in a world of constantly changing weather and new climate patterns. No doubt, we will be surprised and caught off guard at times as our world continues to experience these new weather extremes. We are coming to understand that the climate is changing, and these weather extremes will become our new norms.


Everyone on the planet is being affected. How can we help each other out even if we are not being directly affected?



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Flowers in good taste

  |   Blog

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, florists are finally able to relax. Everyone wants to give flowers to their loved ones. Guess what? There is a wonderful way to give flowers to your loved ones by making tea or using them in salads.


One of the flowers that is wonderful for tea is lavender. This flower is a member of the mint family and native to the Mediterranean, tropical Africa, and Southern India. Tea made from lavender buds is a gentle digestive aid and is generally soothing to the whole body.


Edible flowers are wonderful for salads and exotic dishes. It is best to use only organic flowers, collected in the wild or purchased from organic farms. If you purchase from the commercial greenhouses, they may be sprayed with chemicals and not grown for human consumption.


Edible flowers give you an elegant touch to your meals and have the added benefit of vitamin C, vitamin A, and other essential nutrients.


Here are a few of the wonderful, beautiful flowers that you might like to use: nasturtiums, lavender, marigolds, Johnny-jump-ups, pansies, thyme, tulips, and violets.


Have fun sharing these wonderful beautiful flowers with your loved ones.


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Groundhog Day or Candlemas – which one came first?

  |   Blog

This year, Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog in Pennsylvania, predicted six more weeks of winter. Well look outside, it is most likely snowing, raining, or cold.


In 1887, the editor of the Punxsutawney Spirit newspaper, Clymer Freas, sold a group of businessmen and groundhog hunters on the idea of having the first official Groundhog Day. So, on February 2, 1887, Punxsutawney Phil came out of his burrow.


In history, February 2nd was a very special day because it fell midway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Several ancient traditions called this day Candlemas. The Celts celebrated February 2nd as a pagan festival for the beginning of spring. In certain parts of Europe, a sunny Candlemas meant 40 days of cold and snow.


Phil has about a 40% accuracy or success rate. He may be doing a little better than the weather on the news, but he is here to remind us of our ancient ways and how we look forward to spring.

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The Wish

  |   Blog

As we approach the new year, New Year’s resolutions may be on your mind.


How about starting a new tradition by making a wish? All you need is one penny and a pond, river, lake, or ocean. Wishing is simple. All you have to do is think about what would you like to change in the future.


As children, we knew that if we made a wish in a wishing well, it would come true. Let’s bring some of that innocence back to the world now. All you have to do is make that wish. Guess what? The future may actually change.


Put your doubts and fears away, and make your wish from your inner child’s heart. She or he knows the power of a wish, so, remember that your inner child needs to be the one making the wish.


This is a tradition you can start with the whole family. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are. Everyone can participate in The Wish.



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Holiday Choices

  |   Blog

We love the holidays and the wonderful, traditional meals we have this time of year. If you’re celebrating with family and friends, you are most likely having one of these traditional meals.


The nature of this season is often to have larger meals with rich food, high in starchy ingredients. Here are a few ways to celebrate and enjoy the season without compromising your nutrition or your palate:


  • Stay hydrated by drinking up to 2 quarts of water a day. You can do this by drinking warm water and/or lemon water at room temperature.
  • Drink ginger tea, mint tea, or lemon water after a meal to assist the digestive process.
  • Refrain from consuming refined sugar, gluten, or dairy products.
  • Remember to have a daily routine for exercising.

We all want to have a wonderful time during the holiday season, without giving up the traditional meals. If you do these four simple things throughout your holiday season, it will help your body stay balanced and assist the flow of your blood and your lymph systems.


We hope you have wonderful holiday season! Remember, what is the best thing to put into a pie? Your teeth!



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Harmony with Winter

  |   Blog

Each season, one or more organs are considered primary in the body’s intention to facilitate restoration and balance. The kidney and bladder, which process the body’s water, are the organs associated with winter.


Water is an essential element of the body. It is the medium through which we transport nutrients and heat through our blood, and the manner in which we eliminate waste from the blood and lymph system. The kidneys continually filter the blood, keeping it clean and in proper mineral and pH balance. The filter waste is then stored as urine in the bladder for elimination. The body’s ability to easily and effectively filter and remove wastes during this resting season makes balanced kidney and bladder function key during this season.


Winter is a time of going deeper within oneself, resting, replenishing, and reflecting. Like the natural world, we are resting and conserving energy in preparation for spring.

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Lavender, the magical flower

  |   Blog

Our ancestors used lavender in magic potions for love, happiness, and tranquility. Today, we use lavender to create our own potions – to purify our baths, for smudging, and in sachets.


Lavender is now playing an important role in medicine. The medical community recognizes this plant as a digestive aid and a pain reliever. It appears as an ingredient in food and beverages for its calming effects.


Lavender is also used in aromatherapy to help with insomnia, migraines, and toothaches. Lavender on your bed can help you sleep and may be used as a fragrance in your home.


One of the things our ancestors brought to us was the knowledge that lavender was an important part of our world. If you are looking for help feeling more calm, peaceful, and tranquil, consider the many amazing and magical benefits of lavender.

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The Evolution of the Soul

  |   Blog

At the Jwalan Muktika School for Illumination, we are finding many treasured works in our recently donated Belk Library. One of those treasures is the book, The Evolution of the Soul.


This captivating book includes essays that range from science, the future, psychic powers, to hypnosis in surgery. These may sound like new topics, but, surprisingly, the book was published in 1904. There are many things from the past that can help us understand the present.


The Evolution of the Soul is by Dr. Thomson Jay Hudson, who was well-known for his books from the late 1800s into the early 1900s. His theories came from a combination of social, scientific, and religious studies. By 1893, he was considered a famous author in the English-speaking world.

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Our DNA and our Ancestors

  |   Blog

We all know about the wonderful scientific discovery of DNA. Websites are now selling tests to help us find out where we come from. As people take these tests, they start to learn new things about their ancestry.


If your grandmother or grandfather told you where you came from and then a DNA test revealed that you came from a different part of the world, wouldn’t that be a big surprise? You would have a whole new adventure to find your missing ancestors.


Whether you found out you have Native, African, or southern European ancestry, it would start you on a new journey to discovering your true self.

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