Cookin' Up Good Vibrations

Cookin' Up Good Vibrations


Deliciously healthy gluten-free & dairy-free dishes in harmony with the season

Written by JMSI and JMSI Staff Nutritionist, Miriam Katz, it is a vital resource for anyone interested in eating healthfully and consciously in a manner that balances the self at all levels - emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically. The cookbook offers over 324 colorful pages of delicious recipes, organized by season, as well as useful tips for seasonal eating and balanced living.

Both gluten and dairy-free, the cookbook also integrates new and ancient information across multiple disciplines and cultures, placing emphasis on key ingredients that support balancing the modern day body and eliminating ingredients that our bodies no longer tolerate as well. Ideal for people with food sensitivities and those seeking more vitality through nutrition, JMSI spent several years developing nutritious recipes that use this new combination of ingredients. The intention? To present an array of delicious dishes that are fun to make, seasonally in balance, and satisfying to the body.

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