Your birthcode is depicted as a 3 digit number, similar to a 3 digit combination lock that will help open the door containing your Spiritual Essence. Through your thymus the birthcode reconnects you to your soul.

Before we enter the physicality of this realm, our Spirit chooses many aspects of our life on this earth such as the time and place we are to be born and who our parents will be. These choices are reflected in our birthcode. You can determine what your birthcode is by entering your birthdate in the window below. If you were born in the United States please enter your birthdate as month/day/year. If you were born in a country where the custom is to list the day first, please enter your birthdate as day/month/year. If you live in a country where the custom has changed since you were born, enter your birthdate according to the custom used at the time of your birth.

Whenever you are upset or out of balance, you can use your birthcode with intention to reconnect with your true Spiritual Essence. Using your birthcode will help you return to a state of harmony and balance. For further instruction in how to utilize your birthcode please sign up for our very brief Birthcode Class.

To find your birthcode, begin with your birthday: mm/dd/yyyy. Then take the numeric totals of your mm, dd, and yyyy (m+m, d+d, y+y+y+y). For example: 01/17/1987 would be 1-8-25 (0+1, 1+7, 1+9+8+7). Finally, add the digits found from adding the years (2+5=7). You should arrive at a three number code that is 1-8-7, this is your birth code.