Our Founder & Chancellor


Following a near-fatal car accident 24 years ago, Carolyn discovered she had developed the ability to both “see” the human body at an energetic level and to identify disturbances in the body.  Trained as a nurse, she was able to relate these disturbances to physical disorders in the body and began to work with individuals as a medical intuitive.  Her ability to “see” the body and the world around her at this energetic level continued to develop and specific information began to come forth relating to the conscious re-membering of humankind.

This channeled information, which comes from a collective consciousness that Carolyn affectionately refers to as “the Teachers”, describes how, as spiritual beings, we exist in physical form and why. It also describes how we, as a species and a planet, are now moving out of physical form.  The teachings presented have ancient connections. These connections include the teachings of the Essenes and those of the Oriental and Ayurvedic traditions. All of the tools and information that the Teachers share supports us in re-membering, re-minding and re-connecting us to our Spiritual Essence – the knowledge of ourselves as both Source and as physical expressions in third dimension. Re-membering this truth about ourselves is a transformational process.

Carolyn has dedicated her life to the elucidation, illumination, synthesis and transmission of this information for the benefit of others.  She has worked steadily with an international array of doctors, physicists and scientists to translate the information from the Teachers, illuminating connections across multiple cultures and disciplines, including quantum physics, biology, chemistry, “occult chemistry” or “alchemy,” mathematics, and the cosmological and spiritual sciences.  Much of the information fills in gaps in knowledge that has been lost over time from one or more of the “ancient” or original cultures on the planet.

In 1993 she founded the Jwalan Muktikã School for Illumination, with the express purpose of providing tools and information that support each of us in our own journey of accessing the wisdom of the true self.  She has chosen to do this because she knows that, in that clear place of the Spiritual Essence, we all have the ability to “see” ourselves fully, to embody and embrace our magnificence, both as individuals and as an expression of Source Energy, and to access the infinite possibilities of wisdom.  In her experience this is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and each other.