The school’s ongoing Speaker Series programs are on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings of each month at 7:00 PM. On each 2nd Tuesday we give a presentation of diverse topics ranging from Me, Myself and My Biorhythms to The Healing Gift of Rocks. On the 4th Tuesday of each month we host Research Roundtable Dialogues which are open conversations between participants. We usually start each roundtable with a variety of themes like Musical Opportunes or Did You Know You Were Made of Stardust?

The conversations are always interesting, stimulating and fun. The Speaker Series starts in September and continues through June. We take a summer break during July and August to enjoy the summer evenings. 

Here is what some people are saying about the Speaker Series:

“The JMSI Speaker Series is an informative, interactive way to connect with your true self and share a learning experience with others in the community.” – Red Star

“The JMSI Speaker Series offers a great opportunity to experience a connection to our spiritual community while learning about diverse subjects that help light the path of your personal journey. I also like that I feel supported to participate by warm and friendly people.” – Dennis