“Over the years research has been a fundamental aspect of Jwalan Muktika School for Illumination. The Teachers have always directed us to information and new ideas relevant to us as human beings and to the changes that are occurring today.”


What We Do

Research and Development investigates the changes affecting our world, our planet, and each of us as individuals by connecting modern science with ancient ways. We schedule a series of lively research dialogues with the public, conduct ongoing research in a variety of areas, establish alliances with other individuals, projects and organizations, and assist in the educational development of materials used by the Jwalan Muktika School for Illumination.

Our Mission

To support the ongoing exploration and dialogue of new and ancient knowledge; to bring forth illuminating connections between the physical and nonphysical by considering multiple disciplines and cultures that support us in remembering our Spiritual Essence.

At the foundation of our research and school studies is an understanding of our unique matrix, the Humankind Energy System (HES), that forms the framework of re-membering for each individual. Knowledge of HES both allows and supports the process of transformation through greater alignment with our Spiritual Essence.

This transformational process gives us the capacity to learn in the deepest sense by remembering and reconnecting at a cellular level with the knowledge we have forgotten.

Research Dialogues

Research and Development hosts a series of research dialogues open to the public. We bring to each discussion a diverse offering of insight, information, and discoveries culled from a wide range of sources. While we begin our dialogues with a focus, the conversation often ranges from the physics behind ancient music, to the changing rhythms of sunspots, to the various perspectives on the effects of planetary changes. We seek to “connect the dots” in a manner that is light-hearted and positive. 


Educational Development

Research provides class materials for the Introduction to Spiritual Anatomy and multi-year programs – the Bachelor and Masters programs of JMSI.


For outreach of a deeper, more lasting nature, we seek interaction and dialogue with individuals, projects and organizations. They can be characterized by one or more of the following categories:

Educational / Historical
International Scientific Community
Philosophical: ancient and current understandings with other intellectual communities
Medical Community: finding holistic and allopathic opportunities

Areas of Ongoing Research

Our research continues to show that the foundational information the school has been teaching for over 22 years (since 1992), is in accord with discoveries from both ancient archaeological sites and modern science. We work fundamentally with the Humankind Energy System, and yet, like Carl Sagan’s apple pie, we find that in order to understand the HES it is in our highest interest to also try to understand the rest of the universe.

We maintain an expanding research collection, which, includes areas of study such as ancient archaeological finds, fields in quantum physics, DNA & RNA research and solar system activities. We use this information to inform and expand the content of our Introduction to Spiritual Anatomy, multi-year programs and facilitate our research dialogues.