The Jwalan Muktika School for Illumination

The school was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1993, subsequently moved to Alberta, Canada in 1996, and was incorporated in Montana in 2000.  JMSI’s foundational premise is that, at our essence, we are all energetic bodies who consciously choose to be in this universe for the purpose of experiencing ourselves in both a physical and spiritual form. How we experience ourselves in physical form and how we identify with who we are  energetically, are the sciences that JMSI researches, teaches, and explores.


Our Staff


Carolyn Rutherford


Carolyn Rutherford founded the Jwalan Muktika School for Illumination in 1996 and acts as its Chancellor and lead teacher. Following a near-fatal car accident in 1992, Carolyn discovered that she could both “see” the human body at an energetic level and could identify disturbances in an individual’s energy field. Trained as a nurse, she was able to correlate what she was seeing energetically with physical disorders to help promote healing in her clients.

As a result of her near death experience, Carolyn found she was able to channel information from a non-physical collective consciousness she affectionately refers to as “The Teachers.” She has worked closely with an international array of doctors, physicists and scientists to translate information provided by The Teachers regarding the transformational process humanity is currently experiencing. That information, collectively described as “The Humankind Energy System,” forms the foundation for JMSI’s curriculum. 

Carolyn has dedicated her life to revealing the ways in which we all have the ability to “see” ourselves fully, to embody and embrace our magnificence, both as individuals and as expressions of Source Energy. Through JMSI, Carolyn is committed to creating access to the infinite possibilities of wisdom. Carolyn has 3 children and 8 grandchildren who all have supported her journey. She loves murder mysteries, movies and touring through Glacier Park.

Bill Kint

-Director of Research-

Bill Kint is JMSI’s Director of Research and Communications. Bill graduated from the University of Toledo with a BS in Physics and also holds an MS in Physics from Purdue University. Bill worked for many years as a research geophysicist in Denver, Colorado. He moved on to become a computing support person for Boeing’s Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab in Seattle and also worked as a software developer on a variety of projects.

Bill is a  graduate of JMSI’s Master’s Program. He uses his background in physics, mathematics, and software development to conduct research for JMSI that includes connecting ancient wisdom with cutting edge scientific developments. He delights in the fun, adventure and magic of connecting the dots. He also handles all the pesky internet and computer issues that crop up in the daily operation of the school. Bill enjoys, music, drumming, hiking, biking and kayaking. He enjoys traveling across the country on trains. 


Dennis Wood

-Director of Sound-

From my earliest memories, I’ve been drawn to music. In school, I played different instruments in the band, but, after high school, I decided to learn how to play the guitar so I could play both harmonically and melodically.

After a couple of years, I moved to San Francisco, California and took Classical Guitar and History of Music Theory classes at San Francisco Junior College. I worked at the Great American Music Hall where I saw great musicians from around the world. While I was at the Music Hall, I took guitar lessons from Tuck Andress of “Tuck and Patti”.

In 1991, I moved to the Flathead Valley in Montana and started to write and perform my own music. I have worked as a carpenter, and, over the years, I had two wonderful children.

While playing at the Green Tea House in 2012, I met Carolyn Rutherford and Bill Kint and became familiar with JMSI from attending the speaker series, classes, and readings with Carolyn. Working with the school in the capacity of Director of Sound, I plan on helping the school create music and sound that will aid the listener with their spiritual journey.