Physical Body 

The Physical body is comfortable with emotions and their inner wisdom is held in the body. Focused and goal orientated, these are the people who can bring ideas into physical form and are often considered “Type A” personalities.

Physical Energy Body

The Physical Energy body has an inner understanding of the outer environment (global, regional, geographical, political, and social). Engaging  the world with this innate knowing enables a Physical Energy Body to  know where tensions lie and how to diffuse them,  thereby bringing peace into difficult situations.

Mental Body

The Mental body has a curiosity that allows them to ask the insightful questions that lead to the epiphanies of transformation. Answers stem from asking the right questions and Mental bodies inherently know the right questions. They believe everything they do is a reflection of who they are.

Spiritual Body

The Spiritual body sees and understands the ebb and flow of life. This understanding along with a deep inner knowing about the connection to Source energy helps to bring this spiritual knowing into physical form.

Emotional Body

The Emotional body has an uncanny ability to recognize incongruences in the words and actions of others. They are able to digest and retain information and can be deeply caring and very loyal.

Cosmic Body

The Cosmic body has an inner knowing of who they are as Source energy and has the ability to express this knowing creatively. Extremely sensitive, the Cosmic body understands how we are similar and all interconnected.

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