Core Issues and Patterns

The Humankind Energy System is the manifestation of spirit in human form. Spirit is energy that is non-physical, and it makes the decision, before incarnating, which core issues to release in this lifetime.

When karma, or information of past causes and effects from current and previous lifetimes, catches up with us, or crystallizes in our energy body, then distortions occur in the genetic field of our Humankind Energy System

Crystallization is the fixation and immobilization of energy in a particular vibrational frequency (i.e. abandonment, rejection, self worth . . .) in our Humankind Energy System. This crystallization causes an energy distortion, imbalance, or veil, a kind of amnesia. Consequently, patterns/belief systems/behavior (i.e. attachment, accommodation, resistance) emerge and are themselves more readily recognized than the deeper core issue itself. (Traditional therapy usually ends up treating only the symptoms, as in medicine where so many medications mask the true illness.)

When the process of each core issue is complete, your body is aligned to release the issue. This is done by running colors, specific to the individual, through the body using a visualization process that breaks up the misaligned energies in the human energy system and dissolves them.

There are always opportunities to clear core issues. It is a choice. Just as we may choose to do a detox in spring to cleanse our physical bodies, we can choose to clear our core issues to cleanse our spiritual selves.

Letting go and removing crystallizations/core issues releases immobilization and allows us to re-member ourselves as spiritual beings and to come into balance on the spiritual, emotional and physical level. This leads to a deeper understanding of our true essence creating inner harmony and balance.

Excerpted from Speaker Series discussion on February 7th, 2012 and presented by JMSI Chancellor and Director of Aatmaani Center for Illumination, Carolyn Rutherford.

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