Harmony With Winter

Each season, one or more organs are considered primary in the body’s intention to facilitate restoration and balance. The kidney and bladder, which process the body’s water, are the organs associated with winter.

Water is an essential element of the body. It is the medium through which we transport nutrients and heat through our blood, and the manner in which we eliminate waste from the blood and lymph system. The kidneys continually filter the blood, keeping it clean and in proper mineral and pH balance. The filter waste is then stored as urine in the bladder for elimination. The body’s ability to easily and effectively filter and remove wastes during this resting season makes balanced kidney and bladder function key during this season.

Winter is a time of going deeper within oneself, resting, replenishing, and reflecting. Like the natural world, we are resting and conserving energy in preparation for spring.

BlogBill Kint