Colors, Clothes, and Chakras

Jwalan Muktika teaches the nine Chakra system. In that system, there are very distinct colors. A fun thing to do is to go shopping for your chakra colors. The shirt or dress that you find in your colors will energetically help you when you wear them.

Black is not recommended because it absorbs all of the other colors in the visual spectrum. By absorbing the energy of all of the other colors, it distorts the frequency of information that the body is either radiating or receiving.

Wearing brown and gray colors can be very grounding and may be useful for balancing your energy. Use these colors sparingly as they carry the properties of the color black, particularly if the brown or gray is very dark.

Make sure that your clothing is natural because synthetic fabrics may be derived from petroleum or other chemicals that are very toxic to our skin. Remember, the skin is actually the largest organ of our body.

Have fun buying lots of colorful clothes, not only for the summer, but for year-round.

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