Fast Food

At one time or another, in the busy pace of our lives, many of us have purchased food from fast food restaurants. In our haste to eat or feed our families, we might even come home and microwave our food. Faster is not better. Here are a few interesting facts about microwaved food:

• When we microwave food, whether it’s frozen or not, we lose nutrients such as vitamins B12 and multivitamins.

• Interestingly, heating up breastmilk for a baby in a microwave results in greater E. coli growth in the milk.

• When food is wrapped in plastic in the microwave, carcinogens are released into the food along with other harmful toxins which are then absorbed by our bodies.

• A Swiss clinical study showed that blood changes when microwaved milk and/or vegetables are consumed. The study showed that red blood cells decreased while white cell levels increased, along with cholesterol levels. This can affect blood and heart rates.

We can eat healthier and become more vibrant in our daily lives by using an oven or cooking in a toaster oven. Take time to prepare the food. Set the table, light a candle, and sit down and mindfully enjoy the meal.

BlogBill Kint