Flowers in Good Taste

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, florists are finally able to relax. Everyone wants to give flowers to their loved ones. Guess what? There is a wonderful way to give flowers to your loved ones by making tea or using them in salads.

One of the flowers that is wonderful for tea is lavender. This flower is a member of the mint family and native to the Mediterranean, tropical Africa, and Southern India. Tea made from lavender buds is a gentle digestive aid and is generally soothing to the whole body.

Edible flowers are wonderful for salads and exotic dishes. It is best to use only organic flowers, collected in the wild or purchased from organic farms. If you purchase from the commercial greenhouses, they may be sprayed with chemicals and not grown for human consumption.

Edible flowers give you an elegant touch to your meals and have the added benefit of vitamin C, vitamin A, and other essential nutrients.

Here are a few of the wonderful, beautiful flowers that you might like to use: nasturtiums, lavender, marigolds, Johnny-jump-ups, pansies, thyme, tulips, and violets.

Have fun sharing these wonderful beautiful flowers with your loved ones.

BlogBill Kint