The Lost Soul


In times of turmoil and chaos, sometimes we don't know how to act. There is a moment in all of our lives that we realize we’re not able to feel loving, compassionate, or forgiving toward the world or the people around us. In those difficult moments, we have the tendency to react. In that reaction, we forget about what it means to be human. By forgetting who we are as a human being, we lose a part of our soul.

Being human is that part of our soul that remembers what it means to be loving, compassionate, and forgiving. When we allow ourselves to remember, we let go of reaction and we start to resonate with the world and the people around us.

We always have a choice of being reactionary or resonating in each moment. The choice is simple – do we want to live from a place of being loving, compassionate, and forgiving, or would we rather lose a part of ourselves?

Bill Kint