Indiglow: a guided book for people wise beyond their years

This is an excerpt from the book Indiglow, by Trudy Warren, from the chapter called “Forgiveness:”

The need to forgive usually comes after a break in a relationship with yourself or another person. After discovering you were expecting something you did not get or want, it can be hard to reconcile the difference. However, true forgiveness cannot come from external source. It must take place within the person whose expectations, demands, or conditions were not met. This doesn’t mean you should pretend that the situation never happened or that everything is now okay. It also doesn’t mean you should give up your dignity or integrity. Instead, shift what you feel was “wrong” into love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Having compassion and forgiveness is about accepting that “what is”, is. It’s about choosing to release any energy that builds up and allowing love to flow through you from a very high, compassionate, and aware place. Let go of your expectations and preferences, cancel your demands, let go, and turn the situation over to the greatest good.

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