The Sacred Golden Mountain


Mount Meru, also known as the Golden Mountain, is not an ordinary mountain. In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, it is believed to be a mountain of gold that connects the stars, including the pole star, with the center of the earth.

A few scholars have tried to locate the mountain as a physical mountain. Other people speculate that the mountain exists on a spiritual plane, surrounded by seven rings of golden mountains, each separated from each other by a sea. The ancient Greeks believed that Mount Olympus was Mount Meru, the Golden Mountain.

According to the many spiritual stories about Mount Meru, the celestial River Ganges is connected to the Golden Mountain. Another story tells how the Ganges represents both life energy and supreme consciousness.

The exciting thing about Mount Meru is that it could be a real mountain. Understanding that reality is more than just the third dimension, we can imagine that this mountain exists in the fourth dimension. All the references believe it is a part of the cosmic ocean. If this is true, making a determination of its location would be difficult for most scholars. In our universe, the exciting opportunity is to imagine it, and it becomes real.

Bill Kint