Mystery of the copper scroll


On March 14, 1952, a scroll was discovered in a cave in Qumran. The scroll was made up of two rolls of copper. This discovery was unique because it was made of copper rather than parchment and other more typical materials used at the time. This particular scroll appears to be dated from the period of 25 to 75 CE. 

After studying the scroll, researchers found that the Hebrew was different from the other Dead Sea Scrolls. It was not a literary work, but a list of locations where various items of gold and silver were hidden. This leads to a fascinating understanding that there may be items from the old temple and other sects of Judaism. 

Movies like Indiana Jones, Laura Croft, and National Treasure stimulate our imagination about whether there is more treasure out there. This scroll suggests that there are more treasures to be found. The fascinating thing is that this treasure has yet to be found. 

Bill Kint