The fault with earthquakes


We all know about earthquakes, but we may not know as much about the faults they lie on. The ancient Greeks believed that if they built their temples on a fault line, it would help bring prophecies and guide them to their destinies.

Our knowledge of fault lines is now very different from the ancient Greeks. We have come to understand that fault lines can cause earthquakes and, unfortunately, a lot of damage.

Earthquakes around the world that have been causing tremendous damage, and we need to find a way to recognize precursors before the earthquake happens. There are several places, such as China, where people are becoming aware of animal activity before an earthquake happens. This is one of the signs that we can utilize to help us understand when an earthquake may be imminent. 

We all need to help each other through these difficult times. Remember the whole world has fault lines, and most of them are active right now. 

Bill Kint